A specifically designed package to assist in memory loss.

Retrospect is a personalised video comprising specific photos and songs to assist and aid the process of evoking memories in patients with Alzheimers and dementia.

Memory loss is difficult on the person who suffers from it, yet it is just as difficult for family members who visit and are not remembered or trusted. Conversations become less and less as the patient becomes more confused, withdrawn and un-emotional.

Having a 'Retrospect' short 7-minute movie made using 'key' images of life events, combined with music that is memorable can be shown to the patient on a regular basis, reminding them of who they are, who is important to them, and who they know they can trust. Having it on a laptop/tablet/ipad and being able to watch it together at the beginning of your visit may very well assist them recognising you and enabling a conversation.

This has not been medically tested, however research has already proven that listening to music alone can increase the chance of recalling memories. It's important that the song be one that has had a positive meaning for the patient. It could be an anthem or a hymn, any song that has positive effect. The photos too need to be of their family, holidays, pets, grandchildren and kept to the most important and happy times in their lives. 

This recent documentary on ABC Catalyst explains the impact of music on the brain, adding photos can only improve the overall experience.

Please call or email to discuss having a Retrospect film made for your loved one.

Transfer any of the following media to DVD / CD / USB;

  • Standard 8mm & Super 8mm reels
  • Video8 & Hi8 tapes
  • VHS & VHS-C video tapes
  • Mini DV tapes
  • Audio tapes
  • Printed photos
  • Slides and negatives.

Digital Transfers

Transferring your footage to DVD before it’s too late is essential in retaining the quality of your original footage.

Tapes deteriorate over time even without being played.

All those little tapes you’ve used filming those special occasions are no use to you sitting in a shoebox, so transfer them to DVD and enjoy those special moments on your TV.

The beauty of having the reels and older film types put onto DVD is that you probably don’t have the original camera and are unable to see what is even on the tape! Once you’ve transferred it to DVD then we can talk about editing out the bits you don’t want so you can enjoy it even more!

Editing Packages

Specialising in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, lifetime tributes, funeral tributes, digital memoirs, digital invitations, digital Christmas cards…. and all the best days of your life! 

Please see our information with regard to the Cherish The Thought "Retrospect" package.

An edited DVD is a wonderful keepsake of your memories. Having them on DVD with all “the best bits” means that you can enjoy watching the entire DVD without your finger on the fast forward button of your remote!

A wonderful gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, significant birthday and anniversary or as a digital Christmas card to send to your friends and family so they can see what you’ve been up to during the year! Have a look at a short example of a wedding in a 'music video" style.

All DVD’s have a printed cover to suit the occasion, with your specific photo or typed message for that final touch.

Please see our testimonials from clients who have saved their precious footage or had edited DVD's made for a special event.